Hellenic Culture Centre’s Philosophy

  • Learn Greek Culture, not just Greek Language

  • Communicate with other passionate Greek Language Lovers like yourself

  • We offer support and motivation during the whole learning process. We are a team, we work all together.

  • Learn with fun language games & activities
  • Speaking is the skill we want to develop most

  • We are inspired by Modern Greek culture, and not only by ancient Greece. We believe that Modern Greece has an equally important contribution to world culture.

Discover the values of HCC

Greek Language is a passport to a hidden wonderful world

Learning the Greek Language is the key to unlock a revealing understanding of the Greek world, and the Greek values. Are you a fan of Greek dances? Are you in love with Greek music? Are you a Greek poetry admirer? Greek at HCC is definitely for you. Welcome to Hellenic Culture Centre, αγαπητέ φίλε!

Greek Language is Greece itself.

Learning the Greek Language will definitely be a preparation for an unforgettable travel to Greece, but it’s important to realize that it’s something way beyond that. The Greek Language is a piece of the Greek Culture. So by learning Greek, you discover the first piece of the puzzle. In the Hellenic Culture Centre, you will find the ways to collect the rest of the pieces, until you will see the whole picture of the modern Greek world in front of your eyes.

 We want to spread the word about Modern Greek Language, Modern Greek Arts, History, Philosophy.

In cooperation with the HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE in its face to face courses we read literature books, we visit Greek artists’ ateliers, we participate in Greek customs, we learn how to cook Greek, dance Greek, sing Greek.

The Hellenic Culture Centre welcomes people of all ages and nationality to our learning community. We value your culture and we invite you to present it in Greek 🙂 to the HCC Community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the research on learning Modern Greek and to participate in pioneer projects together with Universities and groups of teachers and linguists.

Our Mission

The Hellenic Culture Centre’s mission is to support students and teachers to accomplish their goals, and to contribute to the research on Modern Greek Language.