What is about?

The Self- taught courses of the Hellenic Culture Centre (HCC) are a fruitful cooperation between experienced teachers and computer programmers and web designers who offer state of the art solutions for autonomous learning in Greek Language. The HCC has been developing materials for online learning since 2009, long before distance learning become a trend. 

Does it work?

This is the most advanced platform for learning Greek based on a stable cooperation with teachers specialized in Greek as a second/ foreign language and fostered by more than 2000 successful online students. With a modern pedagogy and a fresh look into adult learning, the HCC platform for learning Greek is what you were searching for. 

What is the time frame?

Each Unit needs about 24 hours to be completed by the student. Each Language Level needs about 300 hours of study. 

How is it structured?

Every Language Level is divided in 4 Sub-levels, i.e. A1a, A1b, A1c, A1d. Every sub-level includes 3 Units, which have the following structure: What is to be learned, Basic text, Activities on the text, Listening, Speaking and writing, Grammar Tables and Exercises, Additional Texts, Vocabulary list with cultural content. The materials are completed by Culture Box, Songs, Library and Resources. You are everyday in contact with the Word of the Day, the Verb of the Day, and you can use the electronic whiteboard, a multilingual dictionary, and our Greek Radio connection.  

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Exclusive Online Mentoring

You can have your personal Mentor who will be correcting the activities of speaking and writing and give you feedback in written every week.
Order Exclusive Mentoring support for one month. Your Mentor will write exclusive tips for you and offer her/ his insights to guide you how to achieve your personal learning goals.
Fees: 25 euro/ month – includes four personalized written feedback reports

* Does not include Live Online Teaching (please check here for our Online courses)  



  • Each Unit costs 25 euro (NOW 15 euro!)
  • Each sub-level (i.e. A1b) costs 75 euro for 3 Units (NOW 50 euro!)
  • Each Language Level (i.e. A1a.b.c.d.) costs 325 euro (NOW 215 euro!
  • COMBO: Two levels together (i.e. A1+A2) cost 650 euro (NOW 450 euro!


  • Certificate of completion  10 euro
  • Hard copy materials  20 euro
  • Revision exams  10 euro
  • Mentoring

* Does not include Exclusive Online Mentoring

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Have your progress synced across all devices!


Empowering students all over the world!