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5 Ways to Maintain your Greek Language Skills

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Πατηστε εδω για να διαβασετε στα Ελληνικα 5 Ways to Maintain your Greek Language Skills You've put in considerable time and effort to learn Greek, and you don't want to forget it! Take a look at these five inventive strategies to keep your Greek language abilities up to date, whether you want to maintain your proficiency or merely maintain your intermediate level. 1. Listen to music and sing along with it. Many articles recommend listening to music in your target language, which is excellent, but it's also a good idea to take it a step further and start singing [...]

Why are there so many churches in Santorini?

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Why are there so many churches in Santorini? Greece's Orthodoxy Greek people's religion is an essential part of their culture. Only Greece, Cyprus, and Russia have such a large proportion of their people that are Orthodox. After Roman Catholics and Protestants, the Orthodox Church is the third biggest Christian denomination. The Greek Nation and the Orthodox Church During the Ottoman administration, from 1453 to 1821, the Orthodox faith was critical to the preservation and determination of Greek national identity. Throughout the many occupations, the Orthodox Church worked hard to maintain the Greek language, culture, customs, and the Orthodox religion. Some [...]

Using Drama as a Teaching Tool

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Using Drama as a Teaching ToolDrama is not only the art of performing and a way of expressing oneself, but also a tool for learning. Drama is such a compelling tool for teaching languages because the students are not just passive bystanders in the learning process: they are stimulated intellectually, but their bodies, their emotions, the social bonds between them are also involved. Drama activities such as role-play, improvisation, and pantomime can be found useful in motivating students to develop their creativity and critical thinking skills.Why use drama in the classroomIn answering the question, “Why use drama?”, award-winning writer, theatre director [...]

The myth of Alcyone and the Halcyon Days

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Click here to read in English The myth of Alcyone and the Halcyon Days When are the Halcyon Days? In winter we see a few days with good weather. These are days with sun, no clouds and no wind. This was also noticed by the ancient Greeks. During this time they also observed that alkyones (kingfishers) give birth to their babies, which is why they gave their name to these days. The "Alkyonides/Halcyon days" last from the 15th of December until the 15th of February every year, and most often between 15-31 December and 16-31 January. The myth of [...]

Let’s talk about Christmas

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Ας μιλήσουμε για τα Χριστούγεννα στα ελληνικά – Let’s talk about Christmas in Greek! Οι γιορτές – The holidays Χριστούγεννα: 25 Δεκεμβρίου. Πάμε στην εκκλησία και γιορτάζουμε τη γέννηση του Χριστού. – Christmas: 25th of December. We go to the church and celebrate Christ’s birth. Πρωτοχρονιά: 1 Ιανουαρίου ή Πρώτη/ Μία Γενάρη. Κάνουμε ρεβεγιόν και καλωσορίζουμε τον νέο χρόνο. - New Year’s Day: January 1st. We celebrate with a feast and welcome the new year. Έθιμα και Παραδόσεις – Customs and traditions Την περίοδο των γιορτών – During the holidays: Στολίζουμε στα σπίτια μας δέντρο ή καραβάκι (το καραβάκι είναι [...]

3 Tips to remember your Greek again after a break

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Πατηστε εδω για να διαβασετε στα Ελληνικα 3 tips to remember your Greek again after a break Yes, you do not have to forget your Greek just because you took a break of two weeks or two months, even two years! What if I have not practiced my Greek at all for a long time? Learning a foreign language takes time. It is not at all uncommon to sometimes take a break. You may not have studied as much as you wanted during the Christmas holidays, you may feel like you do not remember anything after the summer break, [...]

Greek Christmas Carols, meaning and translation

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Greek Christmas Calanda/Carols (meaning & translation) “Kάλαντα” in Greece What does «κάλαντα» mean; Τα κάλαντα got their name from the Latin word "calenda", which means the beginning of the month. In Roman times, relatives and friends celebrated the first days of each month. They visited each other and exchanged sweet delicacies such as honey, figs and dates, but also small coins. Calanda in Greek tradition In Greece, calanda have a religious as well as popular character. These songs praise the divine element and praise the faces of the family at the same time. The carols often changed depending on the [...]

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