Terms and Conditions of Registration

All educational materials for this online course will be provided by the tutors online. Students do not need to buy the books.

The school is entitled to add up to 8 students to a GROUP course. 

In case the school adds a second person to a private course (after consulting with the student), the fee will be 17 euro per person.

5 hours is the minimum number of fees that have to be pre-paid in order for the PRIVATE course to start. 

The SEMI-PRIVATE  & GROUP  course should be paid in advance for 8 weeks.

Payment is made through bank transfer (+3 euro bank commission). You may also pay online through the secure online payment system Pay Pal or through your credit card and the system VivaWallet (please consider extra cost for commission). 

The platforms will remain open for the students who would like to submit their assignments and complete all the activities for ten days  after the end of the Skype lessons, at no extra cost.

The programme of lessons agreed has to be completed within one year after the first registration.

A Certificate of Attendance is issued for all students who will participate based on the hours they will have attended.

Cancellation Policy

A student can cancel a scheduled PRIVATE lesson 6 hours before and pay no fees.

In case a student cancels the lesson 6 to 3 hours before, they pay 50% of the lesson fees.

In case a student cancels 3 to 1 hour before the scheduled time, they pay 100% of the lesson fees.

GROUP and SEMI-PRIVATE lessons cannot be cancelled (if the student does not attend a scheduled meeting, they pay 100% of the lesson fees if the lesson takes place).

If one student drops out of a SEMI-PRIVATE course, the second student will have to continue with PRIVATE lessons.

Full refunds will be given up until the last day to register for the programme (1 week before the beginning of the course). 

For late cancellations there will be no refund. However, the student is entitled to re-register within one year’s time. In that case the student pays the extra cost, if any. 

When students are given refunds the bank charges are payable by them. In case the course is cancelled by the HCC, full refund will be given to the student at no extra charge.