Online Greek Language Courses by the HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE


The Hellenic Culture Centre is the first Training Centre to offer Online Greek Language Courses at all levels of instruction. The Online Programme, which began in 2009, now offers:

  • Online Greek Language Courses at all language levels (Α0, Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2, C1, C2)
  • Preparatory courses for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek at all levels
  • Courses for practicing speaking and listening skills
  • A C2+ course on contemporary Greece (GREECE NOW @HCC – level C2+)
  • Book Clubs for reading and discussing Greek Literature books at levels B2, C1, and C2
  • Ancient Greek
  • Greek for children LET'S GO, KIDS! a:7-9 years old,  and b:10-12 years old
  • Ancient Greek Mythology for children
  • tailor-made Thematic Workshops on subjects relating to Greek culture are offered (e.g. Greek cuisine, music, dance, cinema, politics, et al – for the levels B2 and above)

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All language teachers at the Hellenic Culture Centre are certified and experienced in teaching Greek as a second and as a foreign language to adults and adolescents. They also have experience in online teaching and they are native speakers of Greek.

Courses are held through the online educational platform Moodle and the educational platform GLOSSA, where all relevant learning materials are uploaded (texts, listening exercises and activities for all language skills, photos, library, Forum, links to dictionaries and to videos) as well as through synchronous Skype meetings, once or twice a week. During the synchronous meeting with the teacher, students practice speaking, the teacher explains, corrects, and organises their work. Throughout the week the students study on the platform: they can read and listen to texts, play educational language games, do grammar exercises, practice speaking by recording their voice through the platform, do their writings tasks, and send all to their teacher, who corrects within 48 hours at the latest. 

No special knowledge on technology is required, however, a 15-min introductory session is offered for free, if needed, in order for the students to familiarize themselves with the use of the Moodle or the Glossa platforms and the Skype. Students are required to have a good internet connection and a headset with a microphone.

Before registering students have to do a grading test, in order for the tutors to check students’ language level and educational needs. Ask us to guide you to the test suitable for you. You may also do the test orally, through Skype: the Director of the Centre will call you in order to define your language level and design your learning path, according to your learning objectives.

 Start dates of the 8-week cycles group courses for the 2019-2020 academic year:

  • 21 September 2020 - 15 November 2020 (8 weeks, 3-8 students, 8 or 16 hours)
  • 16 November 2020 – 24 January 2021 (8 weeks, 3-8 students, 8 or 16 hours, Christmas break: 21/12/2020- 3/1/2021)
  • 25 January 2021- 21 March 2021 (8 weeks, 3-8 students, 8 or 16 hours)
  • 22 March 2021 – 30 May (8 weeks, 3-8 students, 8 or 16 hours, Easter break:26/4/2021- 8/5/2021)
  • 31 May 2021- 25 July ( 8 weeks, 3-8 students, 8 or 16 hours) 
  • 26 July 2021-19 September 2021 ( 8 weeks, 3-8 students, 8 or 16 hours) 
  • 20 September 2021-14 November 2021 ( 8 weeks, 3-8 students, 8 or 16 hours) 

Online courses are offered throughout the year 7 days/ week, from 07.00 to 24.00 Greek time. Please contact us for any inquiries about private and semi-private courses.
Self-tuition asynchronous online facilities are not available. Enrolments are only accepted for taught classes meeting for at least one hour weekly. The use of the platform is free of charge as an asynchronous mode of learning. 

We suggest 2 hours/ week for the levels A0 - B2, and 1 hour / week for the levels C1-C2+ and special courses. 



Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2

Levels C1, C2, C2+

Preparation for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek (all levels)

GROUP PROGRAMME (3-8 students)


Every 8 weeks

Every 8 weeks

Every 8 weeks

Total hours




Synchronous meetings on Skype

1+ 1 hour per week

1 hour per week

1 hour per week


192€ (12€/hour)

120 € (15€/hour)

120 € (15€/hour)


 (2 students)

Fees for 2 students

17 €/ hour per student

17 €/ hour per student

17 €/ hour per student


(1 student)

All language levels,

Ancient Greek, Let's Go, Kids!


29 €/hour

29 €/hour

29 €/hour


Fees include:

  • Access to the educational platform during the period of the programme (there is no extra fee for subscription)
  • Ten days for further study, correction of extra assignments, and revisions in the platform after the end of the course cycle
  • All educational materials needed
  • Personal consultation outside the course hours (technical and pedagogical)
  • Certificate of Attendance issued for all students who will participate OR
  • Certificate of Successful Participation issued for students who will have completed at least 50% of the online activities OR have participated in 50% of the lessons on Skype
  • One 15-min introductory session for free, if needed, in order for the students to familiarize themselves with the use of the platform and Skype



  1. The teaching hour is 60 minutes.
  2. The weekly schedule of the group lessons is arranged after consultation amongst the group.
  3. The training fee for the group courses can be paid in two equal rates. The first rate has to be paid 10 days before the start date and the second rate halfway into the course. We strongly recommend paying in one rate though, due to extra bank charges (+3 euro for every payment)
  4. At least 5 hours have to be pre-paid in order for a private course to start
  5. For the levels Β1, C1 και C2 the books KALEIDOSKOPIO B1/C1/C2 by Ifigenia Georgiadou, ed. HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE, are used. Students can purchase the books on discount by the Hellenic Culture Centre (20 euro instead of 23 euro) or in various bookstores in Greece. The books are NOT necessary for the course since much of their content is uploaded on our platforms.
  6. Ask for discount prices, which are offered on a Happy Lesson week throughout the year


Cancellation policy: 

  1. A student can cancel a scheduled PRIVATE lesson 6 hours before and pay no fees.
  2. In case a student cancels the lesson 6 to 3 hours before, s/he has to pay 50% of the lesson fees
  3. In case a student cancels 3 to 1 hour before the scheduled time s/he should pay 100% of the lesson fees.
  4. GROUP and SEMI-PRIVATE lessons cannot be canceled (if the student does not attend a scheduled meeting, s/he pays 100% of the lesson fees if the meeting takes place).
  5. If one student drops out of a semi-private course, the second student will have to continue with PRIVATE lessons.
  6. The programme of lessons agreed has to be completed within one year after the first registration.
  7. If one student drops out of a semi-private course, the second student will have to continue with PRIVATE lessons.

  8. Full refunds will be given up until the last day to register for the programme (1 day before the beginning of the course). For late cancellations, there will be no refund. However, the student is entitled to re-register within one years’ time. In that case, the student only pays the extra cost, if any. When students are given refunds the bank charges are payable by them. In case the course is canceled by the HCC, a full refund will be given to the student at no extra charge.


Information and registration

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel. +306944105484, 

Skype name: Hellenic.culture.centre

Please find the registration form here.

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