Courses Offered


Tailor-made, flexible courses which address the educational needs of all individual students are offered throughout the year.

Ιn Athens intensive one-to-one language courses are offered at students’ place and in-company/ in-service training course at your offices. We can provide you and your organization with a language course that meets your needs.
Tailor-made courses are not prescheduled and they are private. In-company/in-service courses may be in groups. Choose the dates and type of course according to your time schedule and special needs, and contact us to suggest a specially designed programme.

The fees for the tailor-made courses are as follows:

A0, A1, A2 - B1, B2, B3 - C1, C2
private lessons (1 student): 30 euro/hour

small group (2-4 students): 23 euro/hour per student
large group (5-12 students): 17,5 euro/hour per student

private lessons (1 student): 40 euro/hour

small group (2-4 students): 30 euro/hour per student
large group (5-12 students): 22 euro/hour per student

In Santorini intensive private or group courses are offered in Summer and extensive private or group courses are offered in Winter (8 weeks – 32 hours) at the HCC’s premises in Megalochori (opposite Geromanolis tavern).

Find information on the winter courses here.

For the fees and dates of the summer intensive courses see here


ONLINE COURSES are also offered for all levels and special programmes. Click here for more information.

The course can be offered in a blended learning mode (both face to face and online) according to your needs.