Online Ancient Greek Language Courses

NEW! Online Ancient Greek Language Courses by the HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE

We now initiated the Online Ancient Greek Language course, which was offered only as a face to face course in the previous years.

Synchronous and asynchronous meetings: You meet the teacher once or twice a week in a synchronous Skype meeting, where you practice translation, reading, and learn about grammar, syntax, and culture. You have access 24/7 to our Moodle educational platform with all learning materials and activities, videos, audios, dictionaries, and other resources. The teacher assigns your homework, but you may also follow your own pace, according to your week obligations: you can read texts,  listen to audio files, work with different activities and exercises, and watch videos.

Syllabus: This course includes learning the alphabet, the Erasmian and historical pronunciation, learning about the different Ancient Greek dialects and about historical topics connected to the texts.

We are going to translate mainly texts in Classical Greek (notably the Attic dialect of the 5th century BC). An anthology of texts by writers such as Xenophon, Thucydides, Lysias, Plato, Aristotle and others is the corpus we use. Homer, Lyrical poets, and Herodotus are included too. Every student may have different learning needs, which we try to address.

Intermediary language: English or Modern Greek.

Objectives: this course aims at familiarizing the non-native   students with the Ancient Greek language, the Ancient world, and ethics.  

Fees: The lessons offered are mainly one-to-one (fees 39 euro/ hour: 60 min) and semi-private (2 students, 20 euro/ hour: 60 min).

Tutors: the teachers are philologists with a MA or a PhD who have graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens, and they are trained in teaching online and experienced in teaching Greek as a foreign language too.