Santorini Summer School

Activities Menu

A tailor-made programme of cultural activities which offers an introduction to the rich local history and traditions of the Aegean. In Greek and English.

You can select one or more activities from the Menu below as a tailor-made private programme or as a group programme.

1. Greek Language Crash Course for beginners

Learn how to greet people, introduce yourself and, most importantly, order a drink in a ‘kafeneio’ or ‘taverna’. You will also discover the Greek alphabet and Greek words in other languages. This crash course is an entertaining way to start learning Greek.

2. Traditional Greek dance lesson and presentation of Greek dances/ Greek religious festivals

The ‘Zorba dance’ is well-known, but in Greece you’ll discover many other traditional dances, especially when you visit different festivals. The lesson begins with a presentation, and videos, on the most popular dances, their history and their role in people’s everyday lives. Then we learn a few dance steps ourselves.

3. Singing Greek songs and presentation of Greek music

Learning through singing is effective and fun! It helps us to practice our Greek accents, and also to express ourselves and overcome language barriers. After the presentation on Greek musical genres, we learn to sing some songs. For non-Greek speakers, we provide versions in Latin script, as well as translations into English and other languages.

4. Visit to a local farmer and presentation of Santorini products

A walk through the vineyards of Megalochori takes us to a local farm outside the village. There we meet a local farmer who shares the secrets of the Santorini soil on which he grows some of the island’s delicious products.

5. Ceramics lesson and presentation of ceramic art

In ancient times, pottery manufacture was vital to the local economy. Rediscover that creative past and mould your own masterpiece, with the help of award-winning artisan potter Andreas Makaris. The inspirational atmosphere of the potter’s studio will leave you relaxed and invigorated.

6. Guided tour to a winery and wine tasting of three wines

It’s our pleasure to show you a Santorini winery. We visit either Venetsanos, the island’s first winery, or Santo Wines, the biggest winery in the Cyclades, which belongs to the Santorini cooperative. You will sample three wines, and discover the unique aromas of the island’s viticulture. It is an evening of sensory delight.

7. Walking tour in Megalochori

Our walk takes us through the traditional village of Megalochori, one of Santorini’s most beautiful. We learn about its history and culture, and talk to local people for an authentic insight into village life. The walk ends at the caldera, with its breath-taking view of the sunset.

8. Walking tours from Megalochori to Pyrgos or to Emporio

Our route passes through Megalochori and the surrounding vineyards. In one direction lies Pyrgos, the highest village in Santorini, with its beautiful castle. The other way leads to Emporio, also with a medieval castle. These two atmospheric walks avoid the island’s busier roads and are safe for all.


- Students of the Greek Language Programmes can choose any activity at a 50% discount. Scheduled activities take place according to the number of persons interested.

- Each activity lasts about 2.5 hours. The activities usually start at 17:30 on week-days, but they can be also organized in the morning upon request.

- The fees for the activities include: transportation from the HCC in Megalochori, written informational material on the topic, interpretation into Greek-English, and instruction by an educator of the HCC team